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Indialantic Office Brevard County


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Agent Support

Having a management team that offers support, an arsenal of marketing and advertising tools, and the experience and background of a multi-talented team, combined with proven and effective leadership is the total recipe for success.  And that combination is why the cream of the crop in real estate in Brevard County is flocking to the offices of Dale Sorensen Real Estate Brevard. 

Scott Reynolds, Owner/Broker-Associate

Scott Reynolds, a managing partner and real estate agent of DSRE Brevard, believes the roles are pretty clear cut and defined, but that’s also his management style.  Reynolds is an expert salesman, but he’s also an expert coach.  “I love helping sales agents figure out what they want and how they can get it,” he said.  His strength is being able to teach a sales agent how to use all the available DSRE tools to develop and grow their business, actually helping them to create a business plan for their career.  It sounds easy, but in fact, Reynolds has an arsenal of tools to help build success, tools that’s he’s not afraid to bring out.  “Here at DSRE, we have endless training tools, a support staff that works tirelessly to help our sales team and resources designed to build success. We utilize an expert team of professionals including a national career management coach, professional public relations and marketing team, a specialized IT staff, and an expert design team.  Imagine having all of those professionals at your disposal each and every single day.”  Reynolds added that having a huge lead pool, individual professionally designed websites, and a company that invests heavily in marketing allows the sales agents to choose the level of their own success.  “Some sales agents love having a rigid and pre-determined ladder to success while others need a more relaxed and easy-going lifestyle.  We help each individual determine which career personality they are and how to be successful within their own comfort level.”

Bobbie Holt, Owner/Broker-Associate

Bobbie Holt embraces an entirely different set of management skills.  Holt is a success story herself, having risen through the ranks of marketing in some of the most aggressive cities in the country, including New York and Las Vegas, yet she has managed to maintain the aura of warmth, friendliness and nurturer.  She manages to balance her position as partner, top real estate sales agent and community leader if not easily, with grace and poise.  Yet she is there to offer strong arms of support during the tough days and cheers upon success for everyone else.  “I believe in people,” said Holt.  “I truly believe that people want to be successful, but everybody needs support, motivation, and purpose.  I love helping our sales agents find their purpose and then give them the encouragement and assistance to reach their goals.”  Holt loves the real estate business and absolutely loves helping others become successful in the industry.  With her background of marketing she’s able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of an individual’s sales strategy.  With all the marketing tools available at DSRE Brevard combined with Holt’s expertise, the opportunities for an agent’s success are unlimited.

Laura Clark, Marketing Director

Laura is our in-house marketing director.  She is available to the agents at any time, while maintaining and growing the online presence of DSRE Brevard. Coming from 8 years of real estate marketing experience, Laura is also a specialist in SEO, social media and graphic design.


Kyle Corcoran, Office Manager

Kyle is our go-to person for all operations in the Brevard office.  She welcomes new agents, assists the agents and makes certain that the office is running smoothly.  She is an asset to the agents and we are so pleased to have her!